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  • Voip "Internet Phone"

    Call from anywhere using your mobile, pc, landline or sip phones, you get to enjoy great call quality and some of the cheapest call rates.

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    • Pre-paid and great monthly plans
    • No hidden charges, no flag falls
    • Super call quality
    • Call using internet or our access numbers(where available)
  • Pre-paid Calling Cards

    Get a pre-paid Calling Card account, sign up for a pre-paid account and get your calling card pin in an email, add credit to your account and start making calls.

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  • Incoming Numbers

    Keep in touch with your family, friends, and business, rent a landline number and receive calls on your internet phone or forward them to your mobile, home or office phone.

    People will call you on a local number

    • Save money on roaming charges
    • Available in more than 40 countries
    • Receive calls on internet phone or forward your calls
  • Fax to Email

    Rent a landline and Fax number to forward all your incoming faxes to your email, great way to stay in touch with business on the move.

    Fax to email with unlimited pages

    • Rent a fax number to start receiving faxes
    • Phone and fax on one number possible
    • Faxes delivered straight to your email
    • Perfect for international businesses
  • Call Centre, PBX Solution

    Inbound, Outbound Call Centre Solution, Host your call centre with us in a cloud, no huge setup required, no need to host and look after your servers.

    Hosted PBX

    • Online management
    • Dedicated outbound call centre routes with CLI  
    • Inbound Call Queues
    • Music on hold, Intelligent IVR
    Hosted PBX, Call Centre Solution

    Multi channel DID

    Do you run a business and require concurrent calls? this is for you, our multi channel DID`s are of best quality and they don`t cost legs and arms.

    Perfect solution for small businesses

    • Business trunks
    • Perfect for call centers, restaurants etc..
    • Perfect for Calling card providers

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