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Incoming numbers

Incoming numbers

stay in touch

with family and business

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incoming numbers

How it works

  • Get your number

    Sign up to rent a number from one of listed countries

  • Configuration

    Setup your sip device to receive calls, or you can forward incoming calls and receive them on your phone for low rates

  • Pay monthly

    The rental fee will be deducted from your account balance, charged each month upfront

What it does?

  • Incoming calls, fax, voicemail

    It is a local landline number to receive incoming calls, faxes, and voicemails

  • Family & friends contact cheaply

    Your family and friend can call you cheaply while you are overseas, they call your local landline number

  • No roaming charges

    Avoid huge roaming charges while traveling overseas, receive calls through internet or forward them to your local mobile or landline

  • Low cost call forwarding

    Forward calls to your mobile or landline for great low rates, no extras charges

  • Overseas business solution

    Get a local number in the country you run your business in and make an impression, your clients will be happy to contact you on a local number to them

  • Free voicemail to email

    All your voicemails are delivered to your email right away for free

  • Fax to email

    Add a fax to email option and receive faxes on the move, you don`t need to be in your office

  • Concurrent calls

    An option if you want to receive more than one call at a time and do not want your number to be busy to the callers

  • Landline number

    Incoming numbers are normal landline numbers in your area, so the calls to these numbers are usually cheapest

  • Receive calls on Pc, Tablet, Mobile

    Receive your calls on a pc, your tablet or your mobile, it`s easy and our support team can help you to configure

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