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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

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PBX in cloud, easy setup

  • Full scale PBX for your business

    Hosted PBX or virtual PBX allows your business to have all benefits of a PBX system

  • Multiple lines

    Add as many lines as you need configuration is done in minutes through web interface

  • Auto attendant, voice menu

    Auto attendant feature can answer the calls for your and direct them to departments or inform callers if the have called outside the working hours

  • Music on hold

    Please your callers with some nice music on hold or tell them about your business

  • Call queuing

    Call queuing allows you to put your callers in a queue if there are too many incoming calls

  • Call recording

    Ability to record your calls for quality and training purposes or to keep sales records

  • Caller ID

    Hosted PBX has the ability to show caller ID so you know which customer is calling

  • CLI over stamping

    Set your company number to display on all out going calls from all extensions, so your customers can recognize you

  • Manage it through a web interface

    Manage your PBX online through a web interface, keep an eye on staff performance, add or remove extensions

  • Voice mails to email

    Check your voicemail through your phone or you can also have them delivered to emails

  • Send and receive faxes

    No extra fax line needed, you can send or receive faxes through hosted PBX