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Calling Card

Calling card account

use when you want

recharge when you need

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How it works

  • Sign up

    Sign up for Calling Card Account and get your Calling Card PIN in an email

  • Add call credit

    Log in to your account to add call credit using Paypal or your Credit/Debit card

  • Make calls

    Dial an access number, enter your PIN when prompted and your destination number

Pre-paid Calling Card account

  • Great call rates, super quality

    Make cheap calls to your loved ones back home for super low call rates

  • Recharge anytime

    You can recharge your calling card online anytime you need, no need to visit the store around the block

  • PIN less account

    Pin less dialling, based on you caller id our system recognises you, so it will not ask you for a pin each time you call

  • No hidden charges

    We are very upfront about our costs, there`s no daily chargeno hidden charges, no hangup charges

  • Long expiry

    You get 12 months to use your calling card balance, this is something other companies don`t normally offer

  • Full call history

    Login to your account to see your full call history and know your call charges

  • Freedom, use it globally

    As long as you are in a country where we provide an access number you can use same calling card pin to make calls for no extra charge

Get your calling card now