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Access Numbers

Calling Card Access Numbers

Access numbers

for calling card

and VoIP users 

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How it works

  • Sign up

    Sign up and get your pin in an email. top up your account to have call credit

  • Dial an access number

    Dial an access number to connect and enter your pin if asked, our system usually knows it is you based on your caller id

  • Pay the same rates

    We charge same call rates for all of our services, there are no hidden charges


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One pin to use from anywhere

  • Calling card account users

    Our calling card account user can connect through an access number

  • Voip users

    Our voip users can connect through an access number as well, you may wanna use them if you are out of internet coverage, low bandwidth or short on data plan

  • No extra charge for it

    We do not charge any extra for connecting through an access number

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