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Wholesale VOIP

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Wholesale VOIP

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Hosted Vicidial Servers

Country Name’s largest Hosted VICIdial service provider

Callcentre VoIP

Quality VoIP services for call centre

Wholesale VoIP

Egressive rates & routes for small businesses to make margins

VoIP, Cloud Calling & Hosted Call Centre Servers

Does your business make a number of calls? Upgrade your calling ability with Advancefone’s best calling solutions. We maximize your businesses potential to connect with customers by providing state of the art Cloud, Hosted and VoIP calling routes.



Fully Do you want to embrace Voice Over Internet Protocol for your business or call centre. Click the below button to find best offers.


Call Centre VoIP Solution

Advancefone offers best in the world dedicated, cloud and VoIP route sources.


Cloud Call Centre

Superior Cloud calling solution for your business or call center.


Hosted Call Centre Servers

Dedicated call center servers for your personalized needs.

Quality Call Termination

Our call rates are some of the lowest in the world. super clear exemplary call quality with exceptional route capacity.


Dedicated Call Centre VoIP

We offer 100% dedicated call centre routes with complete ANI pass through, directly interconnected with most major carriers worldwide.


CLI & Branded Routes

Legal and verified CLIs are allowed for CLI over stamping and if you are registered your name can be passed on as well to selected countries.


High Performance Vicidial Clusters

Advancefone offers high performance vicidial clusters to keep your agents busy all the time, and ultimately growth to your business.

Why People Choose Us

We are the largest VoIP, routing and cloud business calling solutions provider in the Country Name. Leverage the power of the best VICIdial hosted servers, so that your number never goes off.

Dedicated Specialists

Leverage the power of Advancefone’s specialty in dedicated call center and business communications.

Quality Routing

Now your number never goes off with quality routing from Advancefone with support from over 40 countries.

Vicidial Specialists

Leverage the increased power of VICIdial with Advancefone’s superior support and routing options.

We are here to help you

Does your business needs plenty of calling? Do you connect with your leads quite often? Give your support team the best in the world VoIP calling solution in the world.

24/7 Email Support

Advancefone offers 24/7 never ending Email support from our tech experts.

Remote Tech Support

We offer specialized tech 24/7 support option from our quality trained tech experts.

Server Control Panel

Advancefone provides all the control in your hand with server Control panel for its customers.

Global POPs

Advancefone offers multiple voip point of presence for a better connection to your servers.